45 Series

45 Programme is a furnishing system for executive and professional offices, which uses modern criteria to interpret a new protagonist role. A prestigious product of classic taste, in keeping with an image of sobriety and strength. The total reliability of each component in the programme is a constant reminder of a commitment to precision workmanship, the result of many year’s experience in the office furniture sector.

 Uncluttered lines, carefully selected materials and personal design turn an office into an elegant, prestigious environment. The possibility to customize desk tops and meeting tables with the same finish as the chairs gives the programme an exclusive touch.

Conference tables vary in length from cm 134 up to cm 600 and can be preset for canalization.
Pedestals and service units, wholly made in wood and characterized by the particular solid wooden border, are realized matching open sides with wooden doors, drawers and filing cabinets; a fridge unit can be included.